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Find great prices from around the web for Oakley Eyeglasses. Compare offers from different sites,Shop our Huge Selection of Authentic cheap Oakley sunglasses - Disruptive by design, Oakley creates innovative men's and women's sunglasses, 100% Prescription Lens Accuracy & 1-Year Frame Warranty. Opticians on Staff. Disruptive by design, Oakley creates innovative men's and women's sunglasses.

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Technology - Oakley

Most of Oakley's technological designs, fashion pieces, gear, etc. were developed with extensive athlete input and testing in the field - including extreme conditions. Oakley also maintains US Standard Issue, which provides U.S. military and law enforcement eye protection. Oakley M Frame sunglasses are included as part of the U.S. Army's Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL).

History - Oakley

Oakley was started by James Jannard in 1975 out of his garage with an initial investment of $300. The name "Oakley" came from Jannard's dog, an English Setter.Oakley, Inc., based in Foothill Ranch, California, manufactures sports performance equipment and lifestyle pieces including sunglasses, sports visors, ski/snowboard goggles, watches, apparel, backpacks, shoes, optical frames, and other accessories.

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